I am a Physician, graduated in 1991, Anesthesiologist, and worked as a direct patient care since 1992, in 2002 there was a turning point in my thinking after I had been exposed to an influential experience. (Click to read my story)

I am proud of the best decision I have ever made, the decision to change my career from treating patients to treating healthcare systems.

I started to find the answers to many questions; why our patients are not satisfied, why errors happen, why a lot of resources are utilized to produce a minimum outcome, ……..

The answer of all those questions is that ” Every system is perfectly designed to get the results it gets“.  In looking at the total of our work, I realized that we are focusing on individual work rather than the whole system.

Treating diseased people is the main core of healthcare , 

but treating diseased healthcare systems is a priority. 

How can I help you?

Data Management:

During my journey, I have worked with many healthcare organizations of all types. They have a common need,  they all have important data to present, and they recognize that they could be doing it much better.

I believe that quality simply means measurement and improvement. We cannot manage, control, or improve what we cannot measure. I have an excellent knowledge of data aggregation, analysis, and designing online interactive dashboards with multiple accesses. The dashboards include all variables that affect the measured process or outcome,  to help in making timely accurate decisions and identifying improvement priorities

The following estimates of my skills are based on the average of feedback from 57 projects involving measurement in different healthcare organizations I have worked with.

Updated August 2015.

Designing Performance Indicators 100%
Big Data Collection, Aggregation and Analysis 100%
Designing Performance Dashboards 100%
Facilitate Data Driven Decision 96%
Identify Improvement Priorities 95%
Performance Improvement 98%

Examples: Dashboards & Analysis

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