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ACHSI Accreditation – A Comprehensive Evaluation

ACHSI accreditation offers several distinct advantages when compared to other international accreditation bodies. Its comprehensive standards, customized approach, focus on continuous improvement, regional relevance, collaboration opportunities, and international recognition make it a preferred choice for healthcare organizations seeking accreditation. By undergoing the ACHSI accreditation process, healthcare providers can……

Accreditation Pt. Safety

Hospital Assessment Tool Version 3

Patient Safety Assessment Manual (PSAM) PSAM contains a set of standards with requirements that are needed for the establishment of a patient safety program at the hospital level. It provides a framework that enables hospitals to assess patient care from a patient safety perspective, build the capacity of staff in patient safety and involve consumers…

Accreditation Pt. Safety

Patient Safety Assessment Manual

This manual provides the necessary tools for professional associations, regulatory, accrediting or oversight bodies and ministries of health, to improve patient safety. The manual has two sections: Patient safety standards; and Patient safety friendly hospital assessment tools. Patient safety standards: Involve five main domains: A. Leadership and management B. Patient and public involvement C. Safe…

Accreditation Pt. Safety

Pt. Safety Friendly Hospitals

A study conducted in 2009 in six countries of the Eastern Mediterranean Region showed that up to 18% of hospital admissions were associated with patient harm as a result of medical interventions. World Health Organization (WHO) started the Patient Safety Friendly Hospital Initiative (PSFHI). This initiative is to enhance the implementation of patient safety practices in healthcare facilities. This initiative…


Accreditation; The Whole Nine Yards

1) Gain a knowledge about Accreditation What does the accreditation mean? To healthcare institution, governing board, leadership, and staff. The resources and effort needed, in addition to stakeholder resistant. Try to communicate with others who have gone through the accreditation process. 2) Select your accreditation scheme It depends on your hospital need; some countries mandate a…


Healthcare Accreditation?

Fundamentally healthcare accreditation is about improving how care is delivered to patients. The demand for healthcare quality has risen due to various driving forces such as medical tourism, insurance, corporate growth, and competition. As a result of these, the expectations of the stakeholders for best in quality has also risen, which led to the introduction of national and…

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