Dr. Khalid Abulmajd

Lead Consultant – Healthcare Quality

Hi Everyone,

I am an open-minded man, have a faith in team work, learning from, and support everyone to improve the healthcare quality; through free exchange of ideas and solutions.

A Physician

Who believe that the most beloved people are the most beneficial for the people.


Healthcare providers, Please do me a favor by giving an opportunity to help you.


Measure to manage, control and Improve; The largest room in the world is the room for improvement.

During my journey, I have worked with many healthcare organizations of all types. They have a common need,  they all have important data to present, and they recognize that they could be doing it much better.

I believe that quality simply means measurement and improvement. We cannot manage, control or improve what we cannot measure. I have an excellent knowledge of data aggregation, analysis, and designing online interactive dashboards with multiple accesses. The dashboards include all variables that affect the measured process or outcome,  to help in making timely accurate decisions and identifying improvement priorities. Click Below for Performance Analysis Examples:

ED Performance Analysis

Incident Reporting Analysis

RAD Performance Analysis

COVID 19 Dashboard

MERS Co-V Dashboard

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