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For years, I have been the expert on risk management and patient safety issues. I believe that a strong risk management program is capable of reducing patient harm, improving quality of care and patient satisfaction, and protecting organizations from liability exposure.

Risk management includes solutions that are designed to help organizations improve patient safety and minimize risk. 

We will work together to identify cost-related issues that increase the risk for injury to patients, staff and practitioners. I have the knowledgeable regarding the specific documentation that is required to be within a Medical Record.

I can assists healthcare organizations in updating protocols and procedures to ensure a proper work flow and attention to what is most important. 

I have the depth of experience, skills, tools, and resources to ensure you are ready when risk appears, and you take all necessary measures to reduce the impact. Click here to see Incident Reports Analysis Dashboard

Abulmajd’s Paradigm on Risk Management – Using Data in Each Step

Abulmajd’s Paradigm on Risk Management – Using Data in Each Step

Let me start with some background information, as you’re aware the risk is defined as a possibility /probability of loss, and the goal of risk management in health care is to: Minimize the likelihood of possible events that have negative consequences.
Have you noticed the words used: Possibility, Probability, likelihood ……. It all points to a proactive technique.
When I was studying Risk Management, my professors used to tell me that the best way to identify the risks was to look into the windshield instead of the rear mirror view. That means I have to expect the risks, But how? — And what will happen if my expectations are inaccurate?
In this paradigm, I used the incident reporting data analysis to help me with expectations.

You can find the link to the incident reporting dashboard for a medical group of 10 hospitals (Click Here)

The incident report analysis dashboard should answer at least 8 questions.

I used this concept for a long time and it was successful, I introduced this paradigm for the 1st time at the IHF World Hospital Congress 2019

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