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Juran road map to quality

Juran’s Quality Planning Road Map can be used by individuals and teams throughout the world as a checklist for understanding customer requirements, establishing measurements based on customer needs, optimizing product design, and developing a process that is capable of meeting customer requirements. The Quality Planning Roadmap is used for Product and Process Development.


Juran’s Quality Trilogy and Quality Roadmap are not enough. An infrastructure for Quality must be developed, and teams must work on improvement projects. The infrastructure should include a quality steering team with top management leading the effort, quality should become an integral part of the strategic plan, and all people should be involved. As people identify areas with improvement potential, they should team together to improve processes and produce quality products and services.

Under the “Big Q” concept, all people and departments are responsible for quality. In the old era under the concept of “little q,” the quality department was responsible for quality. Big “Q” allows workers to regain pride in workmanship by assuming responsibility for quality.

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