Be Ready for every visit every time

Do you search for successful survey results? If so, the first step is educating your team on the standards and survey process. Interpreting the standards and Understanding the requirements and how they’ll be applied in your organization is critical to have accreditation. (Accreditation; The Whole Nine Yards)

Complying with accreditation requirements put pressure on the organization. I can provide services and resources that help you stay on top of the constant changes coming from healthcare accreditation organizations and even be ready for unannounced visits.

In many countries, I have led teams in applying national projects and developing national standards, and performance indicators. In addition to redesigning healthcare systems to get the desired outcomes. I have also prepared many healthcare organizations to get accreditations including ACHSI, JCIA, ACI, and CBAHI.
With excellent interpersonal communication and problem-solving skills.

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