PSFHF – Oman Implementation

PSFHF – Oman Implementation

In a proactive move towards elevating healthcare standards, I visited hospitals in the Sultanate of Oman to implement the Patient Safety Friendly Hospital Framework.

I engaged in comprehensive discussions with hospital leadership, including administrators, physicians, and nursing staff. The primary focus was to assess the existing patient safety protocols, identify potential areas for improvement, and establish a tailored plan for the successful implementation of the framework.

The initial phase involved a thorough evaluation of the hospital’s current patient safety practices, including incident reporting systems, communication protocols, and staff training initiatives.

Interactive workshops and training sessions were conducted to familiarize the hospital staff with the Patient Safety Friendly Hospital Framework. These sessions aimed to instill a proactive mindset, encouraging healthcare professionals to actively identify and address potential risks to patient safety.

As the visit concluded, a roadmap for ongoing monitoring and evaluation was developed, ensuring the sustained effectiveness of the implemented framework. Follow-up visits and regular communication channels were established to provide ongoing support and guidance to the hospital’s staff.

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