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Juran road map to quality

Juran’s Quality Planning Road Map can be used by individuals and teams throughout the world as a checklist for understanding customer requirements, establishing measurements based on customer needs, optimizing product design, and developing a process that is capable of meeting customer requirements. The Quality Planning Roadmap is used for Product and Process Development.   Juran’s…

Leadership Quality

Juran’s Quality Triolgy

The Quality Trilogy emphasizes the roles of quality planning, quality control, and quality improvement. Quality planning’s purpose is to provide operators with the ability to produce goods and services that can meet customers’ needs. In the quality planning stage, an organization must determine who the customers are and what they need, develop the product or…

Leadership Quality

Deming’s System of Profound Knowledge

One of Deming’s essential theories is his System of Profound Knowledge, His knowledge system consists of four interrelated parts: Theory of Optimization; Theory of Variation; Theory of Knowledge; and Theory of Psychology. THEORY OF OPTIMIZATION The objective of an organization is the optimization of the total system and not the optimization of the individual subsystems.…

Leadership Quality

The Rise of Deming

THE RISE OF DEMING’S INFLUENCE   The son of a small-town lawyer, Deming (a teacher and consultant in statistical studies) attended the University of Wyoming, University of Colorado, and Yale University, where he earned his Ph.D. in mathematical physics. He then taught physics at several universities, worked as a mathematical physicist at the U.S. Department…

Leadership Quality

Crospy’s Four Absolutes

Crosby adopted his basic theories about quality in four Absolutes of Quality Management as follows: Quality means conformance to requirements, not goodness. The system for causing the quality is prevention, not an appraisal. The performance standard must be zero defects, not “that’s close enough.” The measurement of quality is the price of non conformance, not…

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